2018-2019 District Events

  • Reaching Your Neighbors Training: March 10 –5 LLH
  • Minister’s & Mate’s Retreat:  October 8-10 –Up to 6 LLH
  • District Pastors’ Christmas Dinner:  November 29 –1 LLH
  • District Sunday School Spirit Rally:  February 25 & 26 –1 LLH
  • SPARK Children’s Ministry Conference:  February 28-March 2 –Up to 6 LLH


Other Educational Events in Our Area


Other Ways to Earn LLH

1.  Nazarene Bible College, Institute for Ministry Enrichment is a great way to get your LLH for the year.  Their course schedule is available on their website:  www.nbcime.com.    Classes are conducted entirely online, and do not require any travel for students.  Because of scholarships for Nazarene ministers, each course is only $60, take about a month to complete, and will earn you 20 LLH–satisfying your entire LLH requirement for the year.

2.  Grace & Peace Magazine is a quarterly publication of USA/Canada Clergy Services.  Each issue can be read for LLH.  You can earn 1 LLH for each issue you read.  Each minister already receives the magazine in the mail, but If you don’t have any issues on hand, they’re archived on the website!  Simply fill out this form on the site to receive your LLH credit from Clergy Services.  Nine issues are archived online, making it possible to earn 9 Continuing Education hours, nearly half of the yearly requirement!

3. Panel Discussion Videos, courtesy of Grace & Peace Magazine.  These video sets take some Nazarene leaders from around the country sharing ideas and insights about various aspects of ministry.  Follow the link, and watch all of the videos on the page (the panel discussions are broken up into several video links on each site).  Then email me, letting me know you’ve watched any of these videos, and you’ll earn the credit listed below.  The videos from (C) below include two panel discussions, and need to be turned in together to get the full credit listed.

(A)  Considering Congregational Worship:    1.5 LLH

(B)  A Discussion on Church Planting:  1 LLH

(C)  Two Sets of Videos:  3.5 LLH

Part 1.  Effective Ministry in the New Reality

Part 2.  Making Christlike Disciples in the Nations

(D)  Effective Practices of Church Boards:  2 LLH

4. Robert’s Rules Revealed video series.  Several videos from YouTube dealing with how to properly use Robert’s Rules of Order in conducting board meetings.  1 LLH.   Email me letting me know you’ve watched them in order to get the credit.

5.  Fruin Holiness Conference at Olivet.  If you couldn’t attend the conference in person, videos of some of the sessions are available here.  4 hours of video. Email me letting me know you’ve watched them in order to get the credit.  Thanks, Grace & Peace Magazine, for posting these videos!

6.  Sunday School Spirit Rally video.  The second venue was cancelled due to weather.  So if you missed the Spirit Rally at Muncie Southside, tune in to the video, here on YouTube.  You don’t need to watch the whole video, the speaker portion is what counts for CEUs.  Start the video at the 43-minute mark, with the presentation by Dr. Ron Dalton of Olivet Nazarene University.  1 LLH.  Email me when you’ve watched the video, and I’ll submit the CEU request to Clergy Services.

7.  Wesleyan Theological Society, 2014 plenary session videos.  Email me and let me know which sessions you have watched in order to get the credit.  Thanks again to Grace and Peace Magazine for posting these videos!

(A)  Plenary Session #1:  Ben Witherington.  1 LLH

(B)  Plenary Session #2:  Jason Vickers.  1 LLH

(C)  Plenary Session #3:  Randy Maddox.  1 LLH

(D)  Plenary Panel Discussion.  1 LLH


8.  Preaching Holiness in a Pluralistic World.   This DVD was given to all pastors at 2014 District Assembly.  It contains sermons from a conference presented last year at Nazarene Theological Seminary.  Total credit for watching all the sermons is 4 LLH–email me and I’ll send off for a LLH certificate!  Thank You to Dr. Carla Sunberg and NTS for sharing these conference sermons!

9.  Nazarene Safe Training.  If you’ve watched the video series, you’re eligible for 1 LLH. Email me and let me know!