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In case you haven't yet heard, the state of Indiana is changing which form nonprofits must use to make tax-exempt purchases. The new form is called an NP-20A, and they are not available on the IN.Gov website yet. I called and had a blank application form for an NP-20A sent to the district office, and I'm sharing it with each church to help ensure we all are able to apply for one.
The current tax-exemption form we have been using is supposed to still be active until Dec 31, 2023. However, some businesses are already insisting that each nonprofit uses this new NP-20A, or else they won't let them make a tax-exempt purchase. There are instructions on the form I'm sharing on how to receive your NP-20A so that you have it available for making purchases. It would be wise to apply for it as soon as possible, as I'm sure the system will get very bogged down the closer we get to Dec 31st. 
One other suggestion I would make is for each church to send me an electronic copy of their NP-20A when they receive it. That way if leadership changes or the form is lost, we will have a copy of it for you. In that same respect, it would be wise to ensure the District Office has copies of all of your important business documents such as your EIN letter, Articles of Incorporation, Etc. 


NP-20A Application for INTIME