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• Pensions & Benefits •

The following resources represent available information and tools which may be helpful to you. 


P&B USA - Your Partner in Ministry – A 6-minute summary of the benefits and services we provide.


APS FAQ – An explanation of requirements for Annual Pension Supplement (APS) eligibility.


P&B-Provided Benefits – A summary of the benefits available to ministers.


Ministers Compensation Report – Compensation data on Nazarene churches by region from the Annual Pastor’s Report.


Compensation Calculator – A useful resource for churches to use in determining salary packages for pastors.


P&B Tax and Compensation Memos – Brief information guides for ministers and church treasurers about financial matters ranging from housing to self-employment tax.


ECFA Tax Guides – Invaluable annually updated guides for ministers and church treasurers from our partners at the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.


P&B eNews – Writers like Mary Paul, Daron Brown, Stephen A. Wilson, and others share insights on ministry, spiritual formation, health, stewardship, and more.


P&B Noticias en español – We are aware that some of our districts have large numbers of Spanish-speaking pastors. With this in mind, we are now making our eNews available in Spanish and are translating more of our web resources into Spanish. Persons may now subscribe to the P&B Noticias en español at this link. Some of our guides are already available in Spanish, and more will be added to over the coming months.