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Important Information


● Courses for this term may be offered in person or through video-conferencing through services such as Skype and Google video Chat


● Completion of this Registration form is necessary to be registered for the course.  Advance registration is required. Late registration may cause a class to be canceled for low enrollment.


● Ordination credit will be issued by the Credentials Secretary upon successful completion of the course AND tuition paid in-full. Courses with unpaid tuition will not count towards a student’s course of study completion.


● Tuition for courses taken for the purpose of completing the course of study for ordination is $150. Tuition is due on the first day of the course.


● Courses are offered at an audit level for ordained ministers (for Lifelong Learning Credit) or for lay leader training. Audit tuition is $50 per course.


● Students who owe outstanding tuition for 2 or more previous classes may be denied registration for additional courses.


● Payments can be made online or by sending a check to the district office. Do Not Send Monies to Dr. Bennett —Please Send payment to the District Office.


● To mail a check make it out to "NEI District Office" and mail it to 1950 S. 350 E. Marion, IN 46953. Or you can pay online HEREInclude which term you are paying for to receive proper account credit.


● We no longer have paper registrations. All course registrations will be done online.



Summer 2024 Courses

Register Here

  • Becoming a Holy People w/ Rev. Laura High.

    • Begins 7/11/2024. Thursdays @ 6:30 pm, Zoom only


  • Christian Theology I w/ Rev. Laura High

    • ​Begins 7/12/2024. Fridays @ 6:30m, Zoom only


  • Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally w/ Rev. Jenn Coffman @ Muncie Southside.

    • Begins 7/15/2024, Mon @ 6:30 pm, Zoom Available.


  • Communicating with Spoken & Written Language w/ Rev. Steve High.

    • Begins 7/2/2024. Tuesdays @ 7 pm, Zoom only.


  • Tracing the Story of God in the Bible w/ Rev. Jeff Slater in Van Buren.

    • Begins 7/1/2024. Mondays @ 7 pm, Zoom available.





Fall 2024 Courses


  • Church Administration w/ Rev. Steve High.

    • Begins 9/10/2024. Tuesdays @ 7 pm, Zoom only.


  • Exploring John Wesley's Theology w/ Rev. Wayne Steury.

    • Begins 9/12/2024. Thursdays @ 6 pm, Zoom only


  • Interpreting Scripture w/ Rev. Brad Buhro.

    • Begins 9/9/2024. Mondays @ 6:30 pm, Zoom Only.


  • Wesleyan Holiness Spiritual Formation w/ Rev. Stefanie Hendrickson.

    • Begins 9/11/2024, Wed @ 6:30 pm, Zoom Available.




Course of Study Suggested Sequence 


USA/Canada Validated Course of Study Curriculums 



Whom to contact during the ordination process



Rev. Steve High,

Rev. Brad Buhro,


School of Ministry Courses: 

Dr. Stephen Bennett,


Scheduling for Board of Ministry Interviews: 

Rev. Jason Hawk,