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Women's Conference

Event Details

- 10/22/2022
Location: Blue Garden Gate Inn
Address: Shipshewana, IN


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REGISTRATION THIS YEAR IS $115 (this does NOT include your hotel, as usual).  I want to detail why the $30 increase:

-Last year's evaluation revealed that many of you had difficulty getting in to eat dinner at the restaurant of your choosing on Friday night and requested we provide that meal on-site, so we have added a meal.

-Last year we were able to off-set some of the general costs associated with renting the conference center with budgeted money.  Hosting the retreat this spring at Shiloh and providing a less expensive option required the use of those funds.

-The fall event is a Conference (vs. the Retreat).  The conference format involves more aspects and people/services.

-The general increase in pricing due to economic conditions.

*Registering for the conference and fitting 4 friends to a hotel room will make the total registration/hotel cost approximately $150 for a 2-day conference.  While it's more than the NEI women's fall event has cost in previous years, it's still very comparable to other women's conferences and includes: 2 Blue Gate catered meals, conference center, speakers/musicians, T-Shirts, and Incidentals/Misc.

Deadline for Registering is OCTOBER 7.  Late registrations will have a $10 late fee added.*

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