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Who We Are

The Global Church of the Nazarene exists...


The Church of the Nazarene is a Protestant Christian church in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition. Organized in 1908, the denomination is now home to about 2.3 million members worshipping in more than 29,000 local congregations in 159 world areas. The Church of the Nazarene is the largest denomination in the classical Wesleyan-Holiness tradition. The doctrine that distinguishes the Church of the Nazarene and other Wesleyan denominations from most other Christian denominations is that of entire sanctification. Nazarenes believe that God calls Christians to a life of holy living that is marked by an act of God, cleansing the heart from original sin and filling the individual with love for God and humankind.

This experience is marked by entire consecration of the believer to do God's will and is followed by a life of seeking to serve God through service to others. Like salvation, entire sanctification is an act of God's grace, not of works. Our pursuant service to God is an act of love whereby we show our appreciation for the grace that has been extended to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


2023 Manual 

We are a Christian people.

We are a holiness people.

We are a missional people.

Leadership & Staff



Rev. Tim Kellerman

District Superintendent




Rev. Jill Waltz

Assistant District Superintendent of Mission Development




Cassie James

District Office Administrator




Rev. Kraig & Brandy Hannah

Managers of Shiloh Park Retreat & Conference Center


Rev. Jason Hawk

District Secretary


Jeff Kardatzke

District Treasurer


Rev. Stephen Bennett

Director of NEI School of Ministry


Rev. Wes Ball

District NMI President


Rev. Andrew Miller

District NYI President


Rev. Jennifer Coffman

District Sunday School Chairman


Rev. Jill Waltz

LLH Director


Rev. Elias Cabello

District Hispanic Church Planting


Rev. Gloria Hamilton

Director Children's Ministry Leader & Rookie Camp Director


Dallas Tharp with Kirsten Cooper & Tammy Sorg

Teen Bible Quizzing Leader


Bethany Wright

Children's Bible Quizzing


Rev. Andrew Miller

Senior High Camp Director


Rev. Mark Mahoney

Junior High Camp Director


Catherine Sauder

Preteen Camp Director


Shane Guldi

Assistant Preteen Camp Director


Deven Swan

Ministry Safe Director


Rachel Williams

Rookie Camp Assistant Director


District Boards

District Advisory Board

Ex-Officio Members: DS Tim Kellerman, ADS Jill Waltz, Treasurer Jeff Kardatzke

Elders: Cory Clark, Joe Dagostino, Tim MIller, Gary Sheets, Larry Sheets

Laypeople: Michael Coffman, Steve Doan, Dan Garde, Marybeth Johnson, Justine Tackett

District Ministries Executive Board

Ex-Officio Members: DS Tim Kellerman, LLH & CEU Dir. Jill Waltz, District Secretary Jason Hawk, School of Min. Dir Stephen Bennett, Co-Chair Brad Buhro, Multicultural Min. Elias Cabello, D.L. Min. Assessment Aaron Chester, Evangelist Min. Laura High, Registrar Steve High

Elders at Large: Wes Ball, Gary Cable, Jennifer Coffman, Cortney Coombs, Tim Fisher, Lane Fosnaugh, Danny Hines, Tim Miller, Annette Mondragon, Matthew Phillips, Rich Secor, Sandra White


Assembly Finance Committee

Ex-Officio Members: DS Tim Kellerman, ADS Jill Waltz, Treasurer Jeff Kardatzke, NMI Pres. Wes Ball, NMI Treasurer Tony Winter, NYI Pres. Andrew Miller, NYI Treasurer Brett Foster, NDI Pres. Jenn Coffman, NDI Treasurer Larry Sheets

Elders: Tony Baker, Lindell Browning, Lane Fosnaugh, Jason Hawk,

Gary Klinger, Rich Secor, Tim Sheets, Kevin Stirratt, Travis Tackett

Laypeople: Robin Alberson, Michael Coffman, Darcy Dill, Steve Doan (Chair), Sheila Fett,

Becky Harshman, Shannon Hollandbeck, Dave Musselman, Ron Turpin

Shiloh Park Camp Board

Ex-Officio Members: DS Tim Kellerman, ADS Jill Waltz, NMI Wes Ball, NDI Jenn Coffman, NYI Andrew Miller

Elders: Cory Clark, Kirsten Cooper, Tom Fett, Neal Peterson, Fred Stevens Jr., Travis Tackett

Laypeople: Michael Coffman, Joe Harris, Cassie James, Beth Mahoney, Abby Schnepp, Amanda Taylor

Court of Appeals

Ex-Officio Members: DS Tim Kellerman, ADS Jill Waltz

Elders: Tim Miller, Philip Rogers

Laypeople: Mark Bennett, Rebekah Ketcham

Whom to contact during the ordination process
Rev. Steve High
Rev. Brad Buhro
School of Ministry Courses: 
Dr. Stephen Bennett
Scheduling for Board of Ministry Interviews: 
Rev. Jason Hawk

ONU Trustees Board

Ex-Officio Members: DS Tim Kellerman, ADS Jill Waltz

Elders: Wes Ball, Tim Fisher, Francis Warren

Laypeople: Darcy Dill, Ken Schmidt, Trisha Stevens

Our Churches

  • Central NEI
  • Northern NEI
  • Southern NEI


Rev. Matt Philips

Zone Leader


Pastor: Matthew Phillips
Physical Address: 604 Sprunger St. Berne, IN 46711
Church Phone: (260) 589-2858

Berne Location

Bluffton First

Pastor: Tim Miller
Physical Address: 1515 Clark Ave. Bluffton, IN 46714
Church Phone: (260) 824-0460

Bluffton First Location

Decatur - Boundless

Pastor: Kevin Stirratt
Physical Address: 6555 N. Piqua Rd.
Church Phone: (260) 724-7729

Decatur - Boundless Location


Pastor: Clint R Abney
Physical Address: 225 Decatur St. Geneva, IN 46740
Mailing Address: Different Church Mailing Address
Church Phone: (765) 728-5766
Website: na

Geneva Location

Mount Hope

Pastor: David Cox
Physical Address: 5005 E 500 S Berne, IN 46711
Church Phone: (260) 589-2501

Mount Hope Location

Norwell Sports Church

Pastor: Travis Tackett
Physical Address: 1100 US 224 Ossian, IN 46777
Mailing Address:
Church Phone: 260-622-7449

Norwell Sports Church Location


Pastor: Travis Tackett
Physical Address: 302 N Metts St. Ossian Indiana 46777
Church Phone: (260) 622-7449

Ossian Location

Sugar Grove

Pastor: Michael Heckman
Physical Address: 3984 North 550 West Portland, IN 47371
Church Phone: (615) 517-1017
Website: None

Sugar Grove Location

Union Chapel

Pastor: Fred Stevens
Physical Address: 10527 W 900 N Montpelier, In. 47359
Church Phone: (765) 744-0643

Union Chapel Location


Rev. Kirk Johnson

Zone Leader

Columbia City

Pastor: Thomas Beers
Physical Address: 506 N Main St
Church Phone: (260) 248-8252

Columbia City Location

Huntington First

Pastor: Scott Rainey
Physical Address: 1555 Flaxmill Road Huntington, IN 46750
Church Phone: (260) 356-1614

Huntington First Location


Pastor: Mark Elliott
Physical Address: 331 W 6th Street Peru
Church Phone: (765) 472-1468
Website: N/A

Peru Location

Tunker Sugar Creek Fellowship

Pastor: Larry Sheets
Physical Address: 3531 W 800 S South Whitley, IN 46787
Church Phone: (260) 248-2030

Tunker Sugar Creek Fellowship Location


Pastor: Kirk Johnson
Physical Address: 902 Manchester Ave Wabash, IN 46992
Church Phone: (260) 563-3343

Wabash Location


Rev. Steven Spencer

Zone Leader

Hartford City

Pastor: C. Steven High
Physical Address: 1402 W. Water Street Hartford City, IN 47348
Church Phone: (765) 347-8244

Hartford City Location

Marion First

Pastor: Cory Clark
Physical Address: 700 W. Kem Road, Marion IN 46952
Church Phone: (765) 662-6440

Marion First Location

Montpelier Cornerstone Community

Pastor: Jesse Johnson
Physical Address: 440 N. Standard Blvd. Montpelier, IN, 47359
Church Phone: (765) 728-0800

Montpelier Cornerstone Community Location


Pastor: TBD
Physical Address: 2560 S 800 W
Mailing Address: Different Church Mailing Address
Church Phone: (765) 922-4503

Swayzee Location

Van Buren

Pastor: Jeffrey Allen Slater
Physical Address: 809 W Main Street P.(. Box 306
Church Phone: (765) 667-8220

Van Buren Location

Warren Hillcrest

Pastor: TBD
Physical Address: 402 E 1st Street, Warren IN 46792
Mailing Address: Different Church Mailing Address
Church Phone: (260) 375-2510

Warren Hillcrest Location



Zone Leader

Angola Gateway

Pastor: Tony Baker
Physical Address: 255 North Gerald Lett Avenue Angola, IN 46703
Church Phone: (260) 665-2045

Angola Gateway Location


Pastor: Doug Thomas
Physical Address: 2301 N. Main Street, Auburn, IN
Church Phone: 12609253480

Auburn Location


Pastor: Paul Patton
Physical Address: 500 N. Beech St., Butler, IN 46721-1116
Mailing Address: Different Church Mailing Address
Church Phone: (260) 868-5666

Butler Location


Pastor: Jared and Jerrica Govin
Physical Address: 1050 W. Whitley Street
Church Phone: (260) 693-9401

Churubusco Location

Elkhart Soccer Church

Pastor: Tim Sheets
Physical Address: NA
Church Phone: 260-273-2195

Elkhart Soccer Church Location

Kendallville CrossPointe Family

Pastor: Richard Secor
Physical Address: 205 HighPointe Crossing
Mailing Address: PO Box 67 Kendallville, IN 46755
Church Phone: (260) 599-0895

Kendallville CrossPointe Family Location


Pastor: Rodger Strong
Physical Address: 6015 N. St Rd 327 P.O. Box 116 Orland, IN 46776
Church Phone: (260) 829-6395
Website: NONE

Orland Location


Rev. Francis Warren

Zone Leader


Pastor: Chad Finney
Physical Address: 401 Hilbish Blvd. Bristol, IN 46507
Church Phone: (574) 848-4905

Bristol Location

Crossroads Celebrate Recovery

Pastor: Michelle Barnett
Physical Address: Goshen, Mishawaka, Elkhart
Church Phone: NA

Crossroads Celebrate Recovery Location

Crossroads Community

Pastor: Tim Fisher
Physical Address: 57415 Alpha Dr.
Church Phone: (574) 875-4479

Crossroads Community Location

Crossroads Community Hispanic

Pastor: Samuel Que
Physical Address: 57415 Alpha Dr. Goshen, IN 46528
Church Phone: (575) 875-4479

Crossroads Community Hispanic Location

Crossroads Community Mishawaka

Pastor: Dustin Wine
Physical Address: Mishawaka
Church Phone: NA

Crossroads Community Mishawaka Location

Crossroads Community St. Petersburg

Pastor: Remington Anksorus
Physical Address: St. Petersburg
Church Phone: NA

Crossroads Community St. Petersburg Location

Elkhart Northside

Pastor: Tim Sheets
Physical Address: 53569 County Road 7 Elkhart, IN 46514
Church Phone: (574) 264-5866

Elkhart Northside Location

Jimtown Family

Pastor: Daniel Sickels
Physical Address: 56773 Shore Avenue
Church Phone: 15742697812

Jimtown Family Location

Middlebury Community

Pastor: Gary Sheets
Physical Address: 11435 W 025 S Middlebury, IN 46540
Church Phone: (574) 849-0845

Middlebury Community Location

New Paris

Pastor: Bryon Smith
Physical Address: 67136 State Road 15
Church Phone: (574) 831-6880

New Paris Location


Pastor: Francis Warren
Physical Address: 2695 N 900 W Shipshewana, IN 46565
Mailing Address: Different Church Mailing Address
Church Phone: (260) 768-4455

Shipshewana Location

Warsaw New Harvest

Pastor: Co-Pastors Andrew and Bri Hickman
Physical Address: 1654 Fisher Avenue Warsaw, IN 46580
Church Phone: (574) 549-9111

Warsaw New Harvest Location

Fort Wayne


Zone Leader

FW Elmhurst

Pastor: Richard Dickson
Physical Address: 2951 Sandpoint Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Mailing Address: 2908 Kelmar Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Church Phone: (260) 747-6412
Website: na

FW Elmhurst Location

FW Grace Point

Pastor: Andrew Johnson
Physical Address: 8611 Mayhew Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46835
Church Phone: (260) 485-2110

FW Grace Point Location

FW Liberty Mills

Pastor: Wesley Ball
Physical Address: 10625 Liberty Mills Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Church Phone: (260) 459-7626

FW Liberty Mills Location

FW Open Arms

Pastor: Greg Barker
Physical Address: 1627 N. Wells St. Fort Wayne, IN 46808
Church Phone: (260) 210-4038

FW Open Arms Location

FW Trinity

Pastor: Mike Wilson
Physical Address: 4150 Stellhorn Rd Fort Wayne, IN 46815
Church Phone: (260) 485-0312

FW Trinity Location

FW West Main

Pastor: James Geiger
Physical Address: 1613 West Main Street
Church Phone: (260) 755-6224

FW West Main Location


Rev. Jason Hawk

Zone Leader


Pastor: Aaron Chester
Physical Address: 1401 South Harrison Street
Church Phone: (765) 724-7754

Alexandria Location

Anderson Eastview

Pastor: Ron Karkosky
Physical Address: 2552 East 200 South Anderson, IN 46017
Church Phone: (765) 644-6472

Anderson Eastview Location

Anderson First

Pastor: Joseph Dagostino
Physical Address: 2324 Jackson St Anderson, IN 46016
Church Phone: (765) 643-3137

Anderson First Location

Anderson First Hispanic

Pastor: Elias Cabello
Physical Address: 3615 Raible Avenue Anderson ,IN. 46011
Church Phone: N/A

Anderson First Hispanic Location

Anderson Parkview

Pastor: Jason Hawk
Physical Address: 911 S Rangeline Rd
Church Phone: (765) 643-5851

Anderson Parkview Location

Anderson Southdale

Pastor: Bradley Buhro
Physical Address: 530 W 53rd Street, Anderson, IN 46013
Church Phone: (765) 642-2515

Anderson Southdale Location


Pastor: Philip Rogers
Physical Address: 1800 N A Street Elwood, IN 46036
Church Phone: (765) 620-3481

Elwood Location


Pastor: Dillan Ketcham
Physical Address: 698 N. 5th St. Middletown, IN 47356
Church Phone: (765) 354-2327

Middletown Location

Middletown - College Athletics Ministry

Pastor: Marcia Freeman
Physical Address: 698 N. 5th St. Middletown, IN 47356
Church Phone: (765) 354-2327

Middletown - College Athletics Ministry Location

Middletown - MCON Prison Ministries

Pastor: Lay Pastor Danny Barrett
Physical Address: NA
Church Phone: NA

Middletown - MCON Prison Ministries Location

Middletown - Mid-Town Sports

Pastor: Clifton Ferguson
Physical Address: NA
Church Phone: NA

Middletown - Mid-Town Sports Location

Middletown, BRV Campus

Pastor: Dillan Ketcham
Physical Address: NA
Church Phone: NA

Middletown, BRV Campus Location

Middletown, Renew Recovery Ministry

Pastor: Phil Rogers
Physical Address: NA
Church Phone: NA

Middletown, Renew Recovery Ministry Location


Rev. Jennifer Coffman

Zone Leader

Daleville Community

Pastor: Jill Waltz
Physical Address: 8600 S Bronco Drive Daleville, IN 47334
Mailing Address: Different Church Mailing Address
Church Phone: (765) 621-1387

Daleville Community Location


Pastor: Todd Brown
Physical Address: Web Presence
Mailing Address: 805 Evergreen Way
Church Phone: 765-749-0319

e/Gathering Location


Pastor: Jerry Hobbick Sr
Physical Address: 304 S. Sycamore St. Gaston, Ind. 47342
Church Phone: (765) 358-3963
Website: N/A

Gaston Location

Harris Chapel

Pastor: Jim Ballenger
Physical Address: 10450 S CR 544E
Church Phone: (765) 748-3284

Harris Chapel Location

Heaven Bound Outdoor Ministries

Pastor: Dan Kauffman
Physical Address: NA
Church Phone: 765-729-5530

Heaven Bound Outdoor Ministries Location

Liberty Village, Showers of Blessing

Pastor: Sharon Hite (layminister)
Physical Address: 4600 E. Jackson St. Muncie, IN 47303
Mailing Address:
Church Phone: 765-747-6947

Liberty Village, Showers of Blessing Location

Mission Daleville

Pastor: Jill Waltz
Physical Address: ?
Church Phone: ?

Mission Daleville Location

Muncie Broken Church

Pastor: Melodie Eisenhofer
Physical Address: 3801 N. Wheeling Ave Muncie, IN 47303
Church Phone: (765) 284-3466

Muncie Broken Church Location

Muncie First

Pastor: Ian Fancher
Physical Address: 3101 N Benton Road Muncie IN 47304
Church Phone: (765) 282-4138

Muncie First Location

Muncie Forest Park

Pastor: Michael Hazlet
Physical Address: 2105 W. Memorial Dr. Muncie, IN 47302
Church Phone: 765-288-4162

Muncie Forest Park Location

Muncie Hope Community

Pastor: Darrell Young
Physical Address: 1601 N. Morrison Rd. Muncie, IN 47338
Church Phone: 765-744-3708

Muncie Hope Community Location

Muncie New Horizon

Pastor: Brent Hickman
Physical Address: 1915 E 20th Street
Church Phone: (765) 288-3971
Website: NA

Muncie New Horizon Location

Muncie Restoration Community

Pastor: Mark and Stefanie Hendrickson (Co-Pastors)
Physical Address: 901 N County Road 650 E Selma, IN 47383
Church Phone: (765) 625-1336

Muncie Restoration Community Location

Muncie Riverview

Pastor: Dave Shipman
Physical Address: 2600 E. Willard St. Muncie, IN 47302
Church Phone: (765) 288-1440

Muncie Riverview Location

Muncie Shepherd Community

Pastor: Darrell Young
Physical Address: 1601 N. Morrison Rd. Muncie, IN 47304
Mailing Address: 3933 B N Everett RD Muncie, IN 47304
Church Phone: 7657443706
Website: @ShepherdCommunityMuncie

Muncie Shepherd Community Location

Muncie South Side

Pastor: Neal Peterson
Physical Address: 3500 W. Fuson Rd.
Church Phone: (765) 284-9320

Muncie South Side Location

Muncie Wheeling Ave.

Pastor: Harold Clay
Physical Address: 4600 N Wheeling Ave
Mailing Address: Different Church Mailing Address
Church Phone: no church phone

Muncie Wheeling Ave. Location


Pastor: Steve Hundley
Physical Address: 9001 W Arch St., Yorktown, IN 47396
Church Phone: (765) 759-7973

Yorktown Location


Rev. Tom Fett

Zone Leader


Pastor: Billy Stanton
Physical Address: 8827 N 1150 W
Church Phone: (260) 251-2403

Collett Location


Pastor: Tom Fett
Physical Address: Dunkirk Nazarene Church 226 E. Center Street Dunkirk, Indiana 47336
Church Phone: (765) 768-6199

Dunkirk Location


Pastor: Thomas Govin
Physical Address: 425 S. Main St.
Mailing Address: Different Church Mailing Address
Church Phone: (765) 874-1661

Lynn Location

Lynn Hispanic

Pastor: Alejandro Soria
Physical Address: 431 S. Main St. Lynn, IN 47355
Mailing Address: PO Box 128 Lynn, IN 47355
Church Phone: 765-546-7519

Lynn Hispanic Location

New Hope Ministry Center

Pastor: Tom Fett
Physical Address: 7981 E. 350 N. Hartford City, IN 47348
Church Phone: 765-768-6199

New Hope Ministry Center Location

Parker City

Pastor: Milton S Wilson Jr
Physical Address: P O Box 68 422 S Main St
Church Phone: (765) 468-7505

Parker City Location

Portland First

Pastor: Steve Cecil
Physical Address: 920 S Shank St
Church Phone: (260) 726-8040

Portland First Location


Pastor: Chuck Hollandbeck
Physical Address: 801 W High St # 9246 Redkey, IN 47373
Church Phone: (765) 369-2676

Redkey Location


Pastor: Danny Hines
Physical Address: 403 South Main Street
Mailing Address: Different Church Mailing Address
Church Phone: (765) 584-1831

Winchester Location