Teen Bible Quizzing

Joining the NEI NYI Bible Quizzing is a fun way to learn God’s word, make new friends and have a little competition!  The NEI NYI Bible Quizzing strives to provide Bible study, mentoring, discipleship, and mission for the youth on the NEI District.

2014-2015 Quizzing Schedule


Quiz Date Location Material Covered Reg. Deadline
9/13/2014 NEI Quiz at Bluffton Acts 1-5 9/8/2014
10/11/2014 NEI Quiz at Middletown Acts 1-9 10/6/2014
11/8/2014 NEI Quiz at Grace Point Act 1-13 11/3/2014
1/3/2015 NEI Quiz at Bluffton Acts 1-19 12/15/2014
2/7/2015 NEI Quiz at Columbia City Acts 1-24 2/2/2015
3/7/2015 NEI Quiz at Grace Point (DCL) Acts 1-28 3/2/2015
3/14/2015 District Celebrate Life/Quiz Awards
May 14-16? ONU Celebrate Life (Quiz for NEI Top 10) Acts1-28


Click here to download the 2014-2015 NEI Teen Bible Quizzing Schedule with Registration


For more information about the NEI NYI District Bible Quizzing, contact
John, Debby, & Valorie Freeland



Resources for Nazarene Bible Quizzing


For more information and to order Bible Quizzing materials,

 go to www.youthquiz.nazarene.org

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