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Robert’s Rules of Order Video Series

The following video series is compiled from YouTube.  “Robert’s Rules Made Simple” was part of Dr. Roland’s DS Tour training in 2013.  These videos are from the same presenter that you can watch for CEU credit.  There are many videos below, but most of them are only a few minutes each.  They total about 1 hour of training, and they don’t have to be watched all in one sitting.  When you have watched all of them, email me, and you will receive 0.1 CEUs.


Avoide Biggest Robert’s Rules Mistakes

How to Be an Effective Chairperson

Robert’s Rules as a Team Building Tool

Three Most Important Motions

Ep. 1: How to Handle Friendly Ammendments

Ep. 2: What to Do When the Chair Is Being Unfair

Ep. 3: How to Handle Committee Recommendations

Ep. 4: Effective Debate in Meetings

Ep. 5: What to Include in the Minutes

Ep. 6: How to Use ‘Point of Order’

Ep. 8: How to Protect Legal Rights in Meetings

Ep. 9: How to Make Sure Your Meetings Are Legal

Ep. 10: How to Prevent Dysfunctional Meetings

Ep. 11: Minutes Made Easy

Ep. 12: Who Is Robert and Why Do We Need His Rules?

Ep. 16: Quick Tips for Board Training Success